Professional Lock Installer

Door Locks Professional Installer

In order to keep your home safe when you are away, a good residential door lock is ideal. There are several door locks to choose from. If you find that you need a lock changed, be sure to contact a residential locksmith in West Village. Call Today 212-202-3252.

Door Locks & Deadbolts Locksmith West Village Service:

  • Double-Cylinder Deadbolts
  • Privacy Locks
  • Single-Cylinder Deadbolts
  • Keyed Entry Locks
  • Handle Sets
  • Passage Knobs
  • Passage Lockset
  • Mortise Lock
  • Keyless Entry System

Each of these types of locks for residential use offer varying levels of security. This is why many homeowners often have a traditional key lock with a deadbolt above it. In some homes you will see both of these along with a night latch or sliding lock. As mentioned above, children can easily turn thumb locks to one side or the other, using a night latch system that is placed up high prevents this. The thickness of a door is important when choosing a lock as well. This gauges the length of the shafts of the doorknob or lock that you must purchase. If it is too short or too long, it will malfunction, thus offering no protection to the family.

Locksmith West Village Professional Lock Installer

Locksmith West Village provides professional security solutions to homes businesses, restaurants, property management and developers.