Surveillance Camera

For many parking facilities and large residential and commercial buildings in NYC, surveillance is done through a series of surveillance systems & security cameras linked together via closed circuit television to a security or surveillance systems room.  Rooms that are equipped with monitors that can view all camera feeds simultaneously or switch from camera to camera for a bigger, more detailed look at what is going on.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems, cctv closed circuit television can help keep an eye on parking equipment, customers, residents and facilities for better safety and security.

  • Home Surveillance Camera
  • Business Surveillance Camera
  • Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Servileness Camera

Get remote live video monitoring of your home with the Indoor/Outdoor weather resistant camera. Get peace of mind with you’re away from the room at your office or home!

What Camera should I choose for outdoor Surveillance Camera?

Bullet Cameras
The most carried shape for a Security Cameras for outdoor use is a bullet or cylindrical shaped. Compared to a fixed dome camera, bullet camera casing allows a lot of infrared to be built-in to the camera to achieve infrared distances above 100ft for night vision in complete darkness. There are cameras without infrared, or with infrared night vision ranging from 60ft to 300ft. Bullet Cameras also offer mounting flexibility with the 3 axis mount that allows camera mounting to a wall, pole, ceiling, eaves or overhang.
Dome Cameras
Dome cameras are ideal for locations where they may be subject to tampering, or a surveillance camera with a small footprint is needed to make it less conspicuous. Infrared night vision distance is limited to a maximum of 130ft since dome casing is small. Camera size varies from 3 – 5 inches in diameter, and can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or underneath an eaves.
Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras
PTZ cameras are larger ranging 5 to 9 inches in diameter. PTZ cameras main use is in surveillance applications where there is an actual guard controlling the camera and monitoring passersby. Their large size is due to a motorized assembly within that moves the camera in 360 degrees, and zooming capability with the motorized lens. The best function are retail stores, malls, stations, and airports.
Box Cameras
Box cameras are professional cameras that are composed of a camera and lens inside a enclosure camera housing for weather protection. Box cameras are available with heater blower housings to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, with infrared & fan housings, or a simple outdoor housing without a fan or heating element. Box Cameras are particularly useful in demanding weather, and have also shown to outlast dome and bullet cameras. If the box camera were to fail, it is very simple and cost-effective to replace the actual camera component. Likewise, if the cctv lens inside were to malfunction or the housing got damaged, only the part needed can be replaced. Box cameras with housing are also a great fit for customers wanting to build their own outdoor professional wireless camera. Simply add a wireless transmitter and use its matching wireless receiver to transmit video wirelessly up to 3 miles.